smart beat ui/ux


The biggest key to a successful website is one that works on mobile – most consumer-based traffic is generated by mobile devices. I ensured to never design anything that wouldn’t be flawless on mobile.

Every second can make a difference, so getting them from thinking about buying to actually buying in shortest amount of time possible is top priority. This is where patterns come in. There are many links in teal on the Smart Beat website, but I ensured that the only time a link is red is when the link brings them to the product page. That way, when the user feels ready to make a purchase, their mind will already be trained on where to look first for that “buy” button.


The purpose of the Smart Beat baby monitor and its breathing monitor app is to give parents the peace of mind they seek for.  They don’t want to be overwhelmed or confused, so I ensured that every piece of the app was as minimalistic as possible, and that the entire feel was one of peace and calm.

Sometimes the product needs some time to load all of the heavy data that it is processing. In order to make time seem like it is passing faster, I created animations in between screens to distract the viewer and give them the comfort of seeing visual “progress” rather than a frozen screen.

One major thing I have realized as I perform user tests is that people hardly read text – which can lead to them missing important details! In order to be able overcome that problem, I included various illustrations throughout the app so they can get an understanding of what is being communicated without having to stop and read.