Digital Presence Design

Studies show that after having a bad digital experience, they are less likely to return. What is your user interface and experience like? How much money could you be losing because of it? *Shudders* I don’t even want to think about it.

The good thing is, you can make your web and app experiences fantastic through Heather Avery Design.
Plus, you’ll save hours of frustration if you don’t try to make it yourself.


Websites should be easy to navigate as well as aesthetic. Many businesses lose customers because their site is too confusing or it took too long to find what they were looking for. At Heather Avery Design, we walk through the entire user experience and pinpoint the areas which need improvement.

Apps are all the rage, and having a good interface and experience is everything. Heather Avery Design offers consulting, prototyping, and animation creation to help your business concoct the perfect app.

*We do not do web or app development. Designs are turned over to web/app developers of your choice to implement.



Social Media

Every good business has a social media presence. To get started, you’ll need profile pictures, banners, etc. Here at Heather Avery Design we create compelling & clean graphics in all of the sizes you need for social media profiles.


Don't see what you want?

We can talk about your ideas and discuss whether or not working with Heather Avery Design is a good fit.